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No Maitre D necessary!

Remember back when I did RAYMOND, I posted about how much I love dinner scenes in movies?

Dinner for six, please.

BAM, another dinner scene—YES! But, I’m getting ahead of myself. From the top, shall we? -The crew wasted no time in setting up a wardrobe/make-up hub in the bedroom.

Have room? Will have wardrobe and make-up ready!

It was day 2 for me, and a special one: Meat and potato scenes with Parry. (2005 Tasi, this one is for you!) Or in this case, onions.

If I was teary, it wasn't the onions. Absolutely grateful to be part of this production.

Parry and I as Luke and Scott, respectively...prepping for "dinner".

It was a fun scene, albeit, a quick one to shoot despite having to burn through numerous takes. The crew started working on what would be the next scene.

In the meantime I had a chance to finally meet the other members of the cast, Dave Boyle and Sheetal Sheth. I couldn’t help but feel the odd man out as Parry and Lynn have known Dave for some time and were in a couple of films; Lynn was in”WHITE ON RICE” and “SURROGATE VALENTINE” (Parry was in this one). And with Sheetal, well, Lynn has worked with her numerous times in the past. Nonetheless, they were all really warm and pleasant. In fact, everyone on set was!

We squeezed another scene in before we broke for lunch.

And there we are...meeting in character and as ourselves, haha... (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Lunch! I gotta say, they kept us well fed and with all sorts of goodies. Here’s the delicious spread provided by La Mediterranee.

Something for everyone. (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Can't go wrong with hummus and carrots.

Through Lynn’s blogs and effort, there were a lot of donated snacks for craft service like these Byron Bay cookies and crispbreads + Honey Ridge Farms honey cremes!

Nomz (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Going back to Lynn’s connections to goodies, we had a whole lotta quality cheese on set to create our character’s fondue appetizer. Meet the Jarlsberg Swiss

Quality... (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

That ^ ultimately creates this:

I swear it, it had its own gravitational field... (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

I made sure not to stuff myself too during lunch because there was still the first half of the dinner scene to be shot which included acting and stuffing of prop foods–and in some cases, pretending to stuff yourself with prop foods…but the fondue will have to wait until tomorrow, fundue tomorrow…get it?

No? Tough crowd.

(I was being a total photoklutz and didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to–so I’ve been borrowing a lot of Lynn’s photos. She’s an amazing blogger–visit her blog, The Actor’s Diet, GO!)Follow @tasialabastro

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