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My top 3 of something…

So I’m a big fan of lists so here’s one that I felt like sharing. It’s my top 3 list of impulsive spendatures! (Wait, is spendature even a word?)

Number 3: Camera Equipment

Oh man, I love my Canon HV30. Maybe it’s because it shoots pretty pictures and motion pictures. Or maybe it’s because it’s a cute dainty little thing that packs a punch. It could be because I can’t wait to really push it to its limits and shoot my first short with it. OR maybe because it’s the first camcorder I’ve ever owned.

Actually, it’s all of the above! I started signed up with Vimeo so if you’re interested in seeing some of the things I’ve put together CLICK HERE. And just like that I like to dress it up and make it look all stylish. I found my “thing” maybe, hehe. Some people have cars. Some people have skateboards. I have camera!

Number 2: FOOD

Did it really need to be capitalized? Of course it needed to be in CAPs, I love food! I especially love thinking about the small things that makes food taste good and most importantly, memorable. Food and Film, it shares an equal place in my heart. It’s a big reason why I enjoy watching shows on Travel Channel (i.e. Anthony Bourdain‘s No Reservation and Andrew Zimmern‘s Bizarre Foods). Although, traveling is easy up there on my list of alternative lifestyle solutions. I love food, you should too.

And finally, Number 1: Books

Most notably, acting and filmmaking books. Yes, it’s true. I almost cannot go to a bookstore without leaving with that beautiful collection of information, paper, pictures and words that is the book. In fact, I went to Barnes and Nobles for the simple purpose of jotting down two or three pages to my script, and I end up leaving with less money in my checking than when I went in! Yikes.

It’s easy to say, “Then just don’t go there”, or “Then avoid going to bookstores”. You don’t understand though, it’s a part of me that nags to be fullfilled, you know, being someplace. Being infused with activity and human interaction. In the end though, the only negative I see about owning so many books is when it comes time to move to a different place, it’s so much extra weight to carry around. Maybe I should invest in a camel or something, or some beast of burden.


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