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My San Francisco reTreat pt. I

A friend and I decided to venture into San Francisco a couple weeks to take some photography. Well, she did the photography (Canon FT series) and I took some cinematography. We had a great time, and there were plenty of minor events scattered about the city to keep us amused. Here are some of the highlights.

1. The BART Hustle

It seems the learning doesn’t stop after College. In fact, you continue on with the school of life. Take for instance the fun I had on BART on the way to San Francisco. There was an actual hustler on the train and it intrigued me because I haven’t seen one out in the West Coast rail system. So naturally I was drawn in. Oh man, he hustled really good. I played his game, won some bucks…I played some more and lost $17! But hey, I gained a little more experience in life, not a bad trade off I suppose.

2. Noah’s Bagels What can I say? This place is delicious. And the location was convenient too. As soon as you come out of the Embarcadero BART stop it’s about a block away towards the pier. Their cream cheese is absolutely devine. Try it, the next time you’re up there. 3. Homeless Man

While Alana and I were preparing for our romp around SF we noticed this Homeless Man sitting under a lamp. And while this isn’t an unusual sight (unfortunately) in San Francisco, this gentlemen, unlike most homeless people had a pet. He had this incredibly chubby cat who lived in a comfy and seemingly new cat bed mattress thing. We were really surprised. I mean, this cat was living the life, it seemed.

4. Ginny + Hans Thacher Clark – (

More on her later, boy oh boy.

5.Trolley Yard

We stumbled on a Trolley Yard that I never noticed before. Partly because I’ve never really looked in that direction when I passed by this place years ago. I think it might’ve been near Pier 7 but it was basically this indoor yard full of Trolleys! I’m beating myself up silly because I didn’t take a SINGLE picture! Instead, I know I had my Canon HV30 rolling during the “quasi-off-the-beaten-track” walk around so expect to see some of that footage soonish. I know Alana spent a good portion of her time snapping away. I can’t wait to see came out of it.

6. Pier Personalities

Many that visit the Pier, or San Francisco in general can attest to the bombastic layer of personalities that roam the street. From the overdone Silverman dancers, jugglers, or the truly unique “bush man” (who, by the way, puts on a great show scaring unsuspecting passerbys) down to the not so creative beggars. Wait, the latter isn’t part of the busking crew. Regardless, they add to the whole experience. Here’s a photo of the Pier 39 Bush Man:

Stay tuned for “My San Francisco reTreat pt. II”!

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