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Moving and Writing…

I’m moving again. This weekend. My commute to work will be longer, and my access to rail to the city, limited. Where do I see (immediate) acting opportunities in light of that? Dwindling. But, every problem is an opportunity, right? Right!

I have a handful of scripts that need re-writing, and even more that need finishing. So, let’s start here. Let’s pretend it snowed in California, and that there was a roaring fire in my new place. Why does it need to snow in California? I don’t know, I just relate writing to snowy scenes (movies like MISERY, THE SHINING –great examples, right?). It’s time to write!

Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in the film adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining. Photograph: Ronald Grant

I have this saying, “School = Homework, Life = Honework“. And for me, it echos louder when I’m in the dark. When I’m lost on my path and when I feel the most vulnerable. Why? I don’t know, it just does. One minute I’m on a path that I’ve swathed with my mental machete, the next, I’m in a ditch with an endless horizon that looks more daunting than adventure-full. I revert back to the fundamentals. The primary needs. Who knew that creating would be a need of mine? I spent a couple of hours today reviewing (OLD) script pages and found them amusing. On one hand, I think there was a fun story I was trying to tell, on the other, it screams my life, my wants, and my fantasies. Take these pages for instance.

What do you think? Trite? Different? I’d love to hear your thoughts; Do you want to know more about these characters or are they hallow? I’ve put the learning of screenwriting in the back burner for too long. I have had a successful run with writing though. It came in the form of a short film called “THINKING OF YOU” which took the Best Picture Award at the 2009 UC: Berkeley Campus MovieFest. The script took massive cuts (to fit resource constraints) but here’s the original script that I wrote, and below, the final short film. I’d love to hear your thoughts. (It’s a few years old) –primarily, how’d I do with telling it from a female character’s perspective. #curious

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