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Look Ma, I’m married! (But not really)

It’s my first day on set and the production’s 6th of their 16 day shooting schedule. It’s also my character’s wedding day, well, the reception to be exact. I woke up bright and early and hauled my butt to carpool with Lowell –our destitination: Berkeley!

Our exterior set --somewhere near UC: Berkeley (And a boat load of people!)

A slice of our call sheet:

It’s a lot of information, isn’t it? But that’s what helps keep the production sailing smoothly (not just, but  it helps). Cast are assigned numbers that correspond to their character’s names –the information is then used to refer them to the scenes they plan on shooting that day. Another one of those neat things that are part of production, like the table read from the other night.

We arrived just shy of 7:30It was straight to the make-up chair for us. Time to look like a groom should!

On the hot seat. Behind me, Carlen Jewelle (musician and make-up artist) and Theresa Christine (my on-screen wife!)

Our make-up artist was really talented, and for being so early in the morning, was warm and receptive. Her name is Carlen Jewelle and outside of being an (excellent) make-up artist, is also 1/4 of a all female vocal group named 4Play Ladies. And it almost didn’t surprise me that we had countless mutual friends. I’d highly recommend her as a make-up artist–check her blog, FACEME, here!

With make-up done, it’s out to see the sound guy (audio tech), in this case, a really great fella named CQ

Lowell looking slightly uneasy about the whole mic'ing thing...haha!

Theresa and I as Cassy and Scott, newlyweds! (Photo courtesy of George Nguyen)

The view from my seat…

We sat there for a few hours---major props to everyone who had to sit in the stinging sun.

We broke for lunch at about 1:30p and was treated to some familiar goodies.

Veggie lo mein!

Chicken fried rice!

Food photos courtesy of Lynn Chen

There were other dishes but since I was being a klutz again about taking photos, let me just refer you to Lynn’s wonderful entry of that shoot day.

Sandwiched by friends, Nishea and Lowell. Post-lunch smiles.

Back to work!

One of the heavier dialogued scenes...

Our director and A.D. hard at work, or something --haha, this photo always cracks me up...

It took a few hours to knock that particular scene down and as a test of stamina to this artform, some need caffeine, and some just need a power nap…

Trust me, they were with Mr. Sandman at this point.

Parry and Lynn, ready for the the final shot of the day. Phew! (Are they smoldering or what?!)

Photo courtesy of Lynn Chen

Wrapping up the day we had to get dressed in a whole new attire—a second wedding! I won’t go into detail about it, just note that at this point in the day, we were all glad to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, haha.

Kerry (A.D.) and Geoff (Gaffer) demonstrate potential block --or they're just dancing for us.

And that’s a wrap for the day! All in all a spiffy experience. It’s a damn shame (photo-klutzing again) I forgot to take a photo of my wedding band/ring. Oh well.

Rawr! "Scott" and "Cassy"...

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