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Food and Passion

Original post found here: “Babnik”

Some people have passion in food. Others feel that passion is food for the soul. Regardless of how you look at it, working on an indie film is very much the combination of food and passion.

When Alejandro invited me to join them on the set of Babnik, I was more than delighted. But at the same time I couldn’t help feel like that neighbor you bring along to a picnic. If you think about it, an indie film can easily take on a very family-like atmosphere. There are rules, there’s work and there’s play.

The location for the shoot was remote so a carpooling system was put in place. Due to the nature of indie films, it’s easy to see how close the cast and crew can be. I carpooled in Alejandro’s vehicle and it took on a very comfortable picnic-like appeal, complete with bottled water and tasty snacks. Fast forward 2hrs and I’ve met the bulk of the cast and crew and immediately I feel at ease as they’re incredibly cordial and generous. Food arrives just as shooting starts and there’s an energy that reminded me of family gatherings: plates passed around, laughter smothers the air, and stories start being shared. Regardless of where everyone came from, they all share a common destination: The realization of the project in the highest quality.

Filming started as the last paper plate was crumpled and trashed. Perhaps the greatest angle about being active in your passion is how it doesn’t feel like work. Maybe it’s different for others, but that’s how I look at it. When I’m acting, or participating in performance art, I’ve never been weighed down by the fact that it’s still work. There are certain rules that each person is responsible to abide by: being on time, listening to directions, completing a task to the highest degree possible. Sure, after a 12hr day my feet are sore but I’d be more than willing to throw down another few hours if needed. Watching everyone contribute to the project reminded me that the set of a movie (or stage production) is probably one of the most organic work places.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all work in rustic Calistoga, there were enough shenanigans taking place to make any High Schooler jealous (in a good way). There was dancing, running, walnut cracking, gun trotting, food gobbling, and all around goofiness shared by the cast and crew.

All in all a fantastic experience!

My deepest thanks to Alejandro for having me along to share the magic of filmmaking, to meeting new friends and to spark in me the belief that family extends beyond blood relation and that maybe all we need in life is food and passion.

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