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Ebb and Floetry, personal ramblings.

Emotions ebb and flow like day and night, lay waste to those vessels lacking in foresight. Squeal in delight, fly high strung like kite but explode like dynamite. In your face but out of place, a resident blame laced in residual pain. A crush, a breathing thing on its own, pay it back twice-fold like a bank loan. A monopoly of bliss, do not pass go. I forgot to remember that these things surprise, like seeing the flash of light seconds before your demise.

But I’ll stray from the dramatics and exercise my words like verbal acrobatics. Wait long enough and you’ll experience this, courtly bliss, a feeling that can’t be remiss. A simple truth about Mars and Venus, merely space and time between us, both of us smiling dreamers. It’s quite silly my three-am double take, a different time and place you stir-to-wake, simple keyboard clatter and we start up the chatter, a crescendo of topics that matter. And why suddenly a forced win, that dabbles into coerced sin, I thought it was a breakthrough, but simple words will not do when your smile is dropping hints like Blue’s Clues.

We’re big kids, troubled and unaware, that we still take when we do share. But those are the moments that radiate, a resounding cheer in my internal debate. It’s all good. What’s life without these visual saturations, hung up high like glitter and decorations? A feast for the eyes, yes. A banquet spread for the mind, yes. You’re quite the best yet, spreading through 80wpm, hit entered without regret.

Floetry scribbled through random ramble of riotous impetus, a courting jest according to the best that pours down words like a mad scientist. Here lies the end bits, enter stroke and mouse clicks, check twice before the web hosts, let’s go green and create post.

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