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Do you remember September?

Well, I don’t. Well, at least not too much in the way of September 2010. Except that it was filled with lots of groundwork for more productive days in October! I’m one-fourth of a media production company called SQUARE MARDEN and we parade around as pretty awesome folk. Except, the parade is real and we love when people join us for moments that lead to awe-struck-ness. Okay, I jest. We just like to make media that entertain people, or share a message, preferably both–and in HD.

As my blog has been quite the sporadic bulletin board of past happens and do’s, it stands to reason I’m probably posting because of a recent tickled bone in the area of the happens and do’s. Well, if that was your guess as to why I’m posting, then you, my friend, hit the jackpot. And your reward…well…the knowledge that in the next couple of paragraphs, I will be sharing what nifty activity I was fortunate to be a part of. Not quite your bag of tea? Well, too bad, you’ve read this far and your brain is probably urging you to continue, go on, what’s it to you? Just a few minutes out of your day, right? Right!

Well, start that timer, here we go.

Actually, I’ll write it in the next blog entry. Womp womp!

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