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It’s funny how often we are driven forward because of causality. For good or worse, your decisions can lead you to situations where you will have to make another decision that affects others or be affected yourself, or witness something you may have otherwise missed. I went to see a show we were performing at SJREP called “Tranced” on friday (opening night).

During rehearsals I got to meet the playwright, Robert Clyman, and found him to be quite an interesting person. I also got to meet the entire cast and they struck me as very warm and receptive. The show itself was wonderful and at the end of the evening I was debating about attending the after party or catching the second to last bus home. I decided on the former. As I navigated through the crowds I bumped into a gentleman standing to the side who turned out to be one of our actress’ boyfriend. The short conversation I had with him pushed me to actually want to go to the after party. I figured, hey, “why not, I’ve been working all week and I need to get back in there to network and meet new people”.

The party turned out to be loads of fun. I learned a little bit of the NYC theater scene and some of L.A.’s geography. The drinks were free and so were the finger foods. I helped myself to a plate full of hot wings. As it got closer to 12am I decided it was time to head out. I said my farewells and made it just in time to catch the very last bus.

The weird thing was, when I spotted the bus it wasn’t going down the street it normally does. Instead it turned from a corner further down the block. As it turned out the driver had taken the wrong route! Some person on a scooter made it on the bus just as it was pulling away from the curb and told the driver that there were at least ten other people a block earlier waiting for the bus. He called the riders (which included myself and two others) to the front of the bus and handed us all bus passes for the very next day and apologized that we were gonna have to go back and pick the remainder of the group.

At this point I was quite amused that this was happening and thought the free bus pass was well worth the extra ten minutes spent on the bus. Good old causality was watching my back on this trip.

Causality would be right there beside me the very next day…

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