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Born Day.

I don’t normally write or advertise my birthday, but since it’s such an in-between age (28), I’m going to make an exception. It was my Birthday yesterday! And despite having to work most of it, I had a wonderful quiet and slightly drunken evening with some of my closet friends. I appreciate them a great deal –and hey, it’s a treat for them to see me drunk off of my ass, ha!

And I blame this first drink –the Moron Bowl, from NOLAS in Palo Alto.

Thanks for the bowl, Leej!

It’s girther than it looks. Wait…yes, the drink.

The faves: L-R Geoff, Leejay, Andrew, Richard, Janely and Jeremy.

And to top the night, a demolished cake.

Yay for a productive and interesting year, and onwards–to more adventures!Follow @tasialabastro

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