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As some of you may know, I’m not exclusive to my own blog but I do write entries in several other *blogs. Recently I wrote an entry regarding Barkada Inc’s documentation of Bakitwhy’s Mixer in San Francisco.

For the uninitiated, Bakitwhy(.com) is an organization that promotes, cultivates and but certainly not limited to, discovering talented Filipino Americans while promoting the Filipino American lifestyle. As I mentioned, it’s not limited to just Filipino Americans, it extends to Filipinos in general.

Our film team, Barkada Inc., was fortunately enough to attend the Mixer and we had a great time. If you’re interested in viewing the vlog, it’s available on Youtube & Vimeo. In any event, we were excited to find out that Bakitwhy has decided to post our video and give us a quick shout out on their website! I, for one, am stoked. Here’s a screenshot of their front page with our video hosted.

If you’re a Filipino please take the time to visit their site. Actually, even if you’re non-Filipinos but find interest in learning more about the culture, then by all means, visit them at: HTTP://WWW.BAKITWHY.COM

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