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Affair at the State Fair

Sacramento, location of the state fair. And my appetite.

And I know everything in Texas big, but hey, Sacramento has its moments…

Now, to fill that cart up...

It was my first time ever going to the State Fair and while it had a lot of the immediate look-and-to-dos as other fairs, there was the fact that it was a massive walk-around and that I went with some of my closet friends.

Like this idiot–

I also made some new friends…

Whispering sweet nothings into my ear...

Who then showed me some new tricks!


We spent a total of about 10 hours there, I think. We had food, laughter, bonding time, and more food! I’ll risk having this look like a photoblog but I’m food coma’d and would rather show than tell…

I spy Captain Morgan...


Best funnel cake I've ever had!

The end of a lovely day...

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