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Addition of Auditions

I’m usually a happy camper when I don’t have to stay at home and count the amount of times I’ve counted the times I’ve counted in my head. Lately, I’ve been discovering a delicious amount of auditions coming my way. By delicious, I mean, they leave me hungry for more. And before you can point at me and call me a glutton for punishment, pain, and rejection I have to admit I do rather enjoy the whole auditioning process. It’s the part after that’s usually crummy.

You know, the whole waiting by the phone and hitting refreshing on the web browser part. Hahaha, I only kid. Partially. I enjoy meeting new people, especially individuals who enjoy similar things I do. And although auditions can be a high stress environment, it’s always nice to know that you aren’t alone in your high stress, haha.

Let me share with you a couple of my 2008 auditions. If you rummage through some of my older posts you’ll discover I auditioned for San Jose Repertory Theatre. Now, this would count for my second time with my initial auditioning ending on a high note. However, the second time wasn’t too great. In fact, I wasn’t scheduled that day…I was influenced by someone (by the wonderful nature of her personality) to go ahead and audition the day before. And even though I had already memorized a couple of monologues, my mental preparation was no where near it’s presentation level. What a doozy that audition turned out to be. Luckily I was in good company and the casting director, Bruce Elsperger, was quite to put me to ease. Thanks Bruce, you rock!

Finally, I’d like to note that although it feels like the whole Acting career choice/passion can be overwhelming and that there are countless people who want to take this up, it’s great to finally start seeing familiar faces in crowd. Here’s to more productive Auditions and less of the sour ones.

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