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A pocket full of thought

Quickly, before I forget. I met up with a friend and previous castmate to watch another former castmate’s play, “The Dentist” by John Rebstock. (More on this in another blog). Anyway, we had one of the deepest conversations I’ve ever had. And it wasn’t deep to be deep, it just turned out that way. Unfortunately, like most things that are precious, their gone just like that and they end up reserved in the deepest recesses of our memories. But here are some questions that came up.

  1. What are your principles?

  2. Are you open minded?

  3. What philosophies do you adhere to?

  4. Am I offending you?

  5. Which would you pick, truthful or real?

  6. Are they inexplicably connected?

You’re probably thinking, “Those are simple questions”. Okay, maybe. But they start being complicated, complex and exciting when the person asking them challenges them. Or asks a side question that spurns you into gear and the conversation gets deeper and deeper. It occured to me, a couple of times, that I’m answering some of his questions in a way feels like I’m only answering it in this way to justify my reasoning when I should be answering it in a way that’s truthful to me.

Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I just want to make a shout out to my friend, Bizachin for a terrific and thought provoking conversation. Which, if I were to describe in one sentence, would be:

“It was profound to me in a cerebral way, in that, I want to rave about it to the world, but I know the experience and feeling was singularly mine and his, and everyone else will only feel the aftershocks.”

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