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Starting fresh with old news…

I must really hate using the same type of blogging (or journaling) formats. I’ve gone from blogging on myspace, to blogging on xanga, then using several journals that never get halfway through the book to finally trying Blogger. It looks deceptively simple but it seems to offer some aesthetically pleasing qualities and functions that work for what I am trying to accomplish.

Just to recap for those jumping from my previous blogs into this one:

  1. I left Hawaii in Fall 2006 and I’ve been living in San Jose, California since.

  2. I found several interesting jobs that I’ll probably touch on as I blog.

  3. I lost 30lbs!!!

  4. I gained 30lbs…

  5. I’m now Box Office Assistant Manager at San Jose Repertory Theatre!

I’ve done a few auditions here and there but I still feel I should be doing more during the year. I think in the year 2007 I participated in about five auditions.

  1. Six Flags Great America (Got called back but declined due to transportation issues)

  2. Renegade Theatre Experiment (No call back)

  3. San Jose Repertory Theatre general auditions (No call back)

  4. City Lights Theater Company, The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? (No call back)

  5. Indie film project (No call back)

That’s a horrible record for 2007! I have to bring a different energy and attitude when dealing with auditions here. The entire area is so much bigger and getting around isn’t as easy as it was when I was living in Hawaii and had my own car. The fun part is I have my own driver every day, even if I do have to pay him a buck seventy-five per trip.

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