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Rapped and Wrapped at the Roxie…

My last day on the set, part 2 of 2:

After an extended break (for my character), we were back and ready to finish the night strong! Or…cold. Strong and cold.

Night has fallen, mwhaha! (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

I’m in habit of dressing in layers when I visit San Francisco, partially, in this case because I wasn’t sure what I had to be wearing in terms of wardrobe, but mainly because I have island blood and I can’t stand the cold! Lucky for me. Unlucky, however, for Parry who had his character’s scarf nixed for the sake of avoiding looking too much like a Hong Kong super star –or something.

Parry, before and after--poor fella! Battered by the SF evening child. Brrr...

It was one thing filming in a controlled environment like the INT(erior) of the movie theater…it’s a whole other story when you’ve got an EXT(erior) scene that involves the theater actually open for business. Haha, I can’t tell you how many takes we burned through because either we were given new directions, or, more accurately, because someone from the street or theater showed up in frame (understandably) and had their eyes glued to the camera. But hey, it’s the Mission, what do you expect, right? Going back to wardrobe–I was so glad that, apart from my chubs, I had a tanktop, polo shirt, sweater and peacoat on. Oh, and gloves.

Lynn managed to capture the view from the Roxie's box office, including the back of my head. Woot! (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

Being bundled up afforded me some time to spend battling the elements, and watching the crew in action. I loved watching them work! I’ve always enjoyed behind the scenes featurettes in movies so I relished these moments when I get to stand off to the side and observe them in action. Antics and all. At some point in the evening, I overheard some freestyle rapping. And for anyone who knows me, you KNOW I can’t resist hopping into a cipher circle. I’m not saying I’m any good, but it’s a fun activity I rarely turn down.

FRESH! Crew L-R: Kevin Wong, Geoff Taylor, Steve Forbes, Seng Chen

The longer we went through the night, the more I started noticing the characters of the Mission; (And I wish I had photos) There was a fella who watched 30 mins of action wearing a motorcycle helmet. Then there were the neighborhood drunks who stumbled into our shot, which was fine until they noticed our cameras and started addressing it. But there were a handful of neat folks too, like this ridiculously tall fella who, I’m pretty sure cleared 6’5″ and was skinnier than a toothpick on a diet. Oh, and there was this elder fella who referred to our production is “motion pictures”…cool!

The martini shot was up well past the 12hour mark and I was sad that this was going to be the last day working on set with everyone in a full day capacity. And finally the moment, came. “That’s a wrap for Tasi”. WOMP. But I wasn’t the only one sharing the wrap, it was Dave‘s last day as well. What an experience! In a few days everyone will disperse into the industry wind but hey, film is forever, right? I mentally raised the proverbial glass to toast everyone’s hard work while I commuted back home.

My trusty roller and mobile wardrobe closet...heading home.

I’d work with anyone from this set again, in a heartbeat.Follow @tasialabastro

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