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Notable Moments (in life)

We all have them. Some more than others. Here are three notable moments in my life:

Number 3: The Loogie.

Oh yeah…so in third grade, I arrive at school on Monday morning after suffering from a cold all weekend and before the first period bell even goes I explode into a sneeze that literally projects a THREE foot loogie string out of my nose! Yep, I said…in many respects I can look at it now and be proud that something so amazingly disgusting came out of my body so early in my life. I won’t go into details about the actual texture and shape, but it was impressive! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has forgotten about that. I mean, if I can remember a classmate who ATE boogers, I’m sure someone would still remember little ole me ejecting some oozy goodness out of my nose, right?


Number 2: The Secret is Out

Okay, so number 2 is actually a combination of different situations in my life where I’ve had a secret crush revealed and while it didn’t really have large negative results on my development, they still contribute to those “Oh god, I’m red as a tomato” moments. This teaches me to keep my mouth shut when I have a crush on someone, or at the very least, find mutes to share secrets with. I suppose the way I’ve combated this problem lately is I’ve decided to quickly tell the person I have a crush on that…well…I have a crush on them. Yeah, sounds like balls right? You’d be surprised. In many cases, I really enjoy the friendship and would hate to ruin it by mentioning that, oh, I have the biggest crush on them. Yeah, double edged swords blow monkey chunks.

Luckily I think I’ve come off less creepy than other people have been made out to be, so I suppose the risk is worth it. In the end, the truth is out and I feel better having said what bubbled around in my mind and the person(s) in question can be happy that their ego has successfully been fed.

Number 1: The Banana Tree

When I was younger, say early teens, a neighbor and I ventured into the edge of the jungle near my house and decided to see what lighter fluid and a match can do. *Laughs* I can’t tell this story without at least letting a cackle out. So anyway, we doused the shaft of this banana tree and some of its leaves with lighter fluid THEN read the instructions on the back of the canister. Gee, how can this amazing liquid be so dangerous?

Moments later we lit the match and tossed it at the tree. FRAAWWWWWOOOM! This tree light up so fast and so viciously that we were knocked back. LOL, oh man…I miss being a kid. Anyway, we ran our asses so fast out of there that we were clear under our sheets when we noticed all the mechanics from the nearby auto shop dashing towards our “experiment” with buckets of water. Oh man, I got such a whooping that night. Extremely notable.

What are some of YOUR notable moments?

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