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Imagination on the fritz…


I found myself in the elevator at work today and a strange thing happened to me during the ride between the ground level and the fourth floor.

I put my brain space in someone who may be less fortunate than I. Someone, someone who was suffering from some kind of illness where there was a limited life expectancy–like, three months or something. Morbid? Perhaps–but definitely a significant thought. I mean, I’m here blogging about it after mere minutes of having experienced it.

In any event, I’ve always considered myself a person with a vivid and often times over active imagination–and almost always in a positive light. You know, glass always full because one half has water and the other has air, or magic, or something intangible but positive. Well, today I experienced a ‘glitch’ in my imagination–I immediately felt this pull of sadness when I ‘incepted’ the thought of myself being in that predicament. And before I could expel these morbid thoughts, I was in an internal battle! Almost like a self-defense mechanism, there came, like Noah’s flood, positive reinforcements of how to better spend my life. As if they were positive jujubes that represented mental white blood cells, rushing to the mental-body’s defense!

It was a roller coaster ride of emotion on an otherwise dull elevator ride. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), it’s a curious discovery knowing that while the word ‘vivid’ conjures up clear images of prismatic colors and clarity–black, white and gray also exist within those lines.

All of this while going for a cup of hot tea on the fourth floor.

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