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I’m Paul Miller.

(If you’re an antsy one, scroll to the bottom, the movie is down there. If not…read on!)

Move over Spartacus, I’m Paul Miller.

Okay, maybe I’m giving away too much of the plot of a short film I had an opportunity to be a part of last week. I’ve been wanting to work with the fellas from Rufus da Squirrel for some time now (a much goofier and light hearted affair than their main company, which I will not name). So when Joel asked me if I’d be interested in having a quick cameo in their latest, it was a no-brainer.

They were planning on shooting at The Melting Pot in San Mateo which worked out because I was already in the area auditioning for an ABS-CBN commercial. That turned out to be quite a bit of fun, the audition that is. I had a chance to do some voice-over talkie talkie and read some Tagalog.

The cut-out might as well be the receptionist...

Immediately after the audition I linked up with some of the crew (thanks for the ride Julie!) and headed over to San Mateo. I discovered, to my delight, that they were having Off The Grid (food trucks). After unloading some gear, Wil (the other talent) and I excused ourselves for some food adventures.

I don't drink a lot of soda, but for the experience, I snagged a bottled Coca-Cola!

I ended up at the very last truck, SENIOR SISIG! They had this item on the menu that totally caught my attention. Being the fatty that I am, I couldn’t resist: California Sisig Burrito. First bite. Game over.

What is Sisig? Click here, find out.

Shortly after scarfing that beast of a burrito down, the rest of the crew and talent started showing up and it was down to business.

Laying out the details. Director, Joel, in the stripes.

Candid fun, in between takes...L-R: Radek Antczak, Holly Kenney

But wait, this was a restaurant scene –there has to be restaurant food, right? RIGHT!

Dippables. Yes, those are cubed apples on the right.

And this shoot marks my second time working with fondue. Remember the first? I present to you, cheese and spinach fondue -courtesy of The Melting Pot.

Yes, he's sprinkling parmesan on top...

The beauty of filmmaking is a lot of it has to do with being able to maximize the resources available to you. In this case, I’ll always be in awe at the versatility of the simple china-ball lantern. Look at that beauty!

Mragendra Singh on the slate, china-ball looming luminously.

An absolute treat to have been part of this. Speaking of treat, after we wrapped, we were treated to more fondue–this time, dessert lickings!

I gotta say, the phrase “Will act for food” has always been a swaying bell for me. (But a little cash money is great too!) But enough about lights and food and all of that, you’re here for the final video. Well, wait no more, here it is!

Let them know what you think. If you like it, spread it (heh heh)–if you don’t, spread it anyway. And be sure to let them know where they found the link *points at blog*.

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