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I had three Quickies this past weekend…

Phew. Tiring stuff.

And by Quickies, I mean, Square Marden‘s critically acclaimed (not really) series appropriately dubbed QUICKIES. They’re basically an extension of our whacky creative brains; More or less a series of random and irrelevant material that stems from the part our personalities that just needed to be made. So sure, they may not make any sense, but boy do they exercise the demons!

Here’s a couple of my faves:

This past weekend, we wrapped four new ones that will be released every week leading up to Christmas. Without giving away too much, here are a couple of behind-the-scene photos.

What's in the trunk?

Up, I guess. (photo courtesy of Richard Gali)

Poker faces...

We’re excited to release these! Stay tuned.

And before you can start accusing me of not posting any food photos, hah! Of course, with all the Mardens™ in one room, we’re bound to have all sorts of food treats and whatnots. So, here’s a couple, for your viewing pleasure.

Heart attacks on a plate.

Richard serving us pizza. A bonafide hit among filmmakers...

And finally, we wrapped the weekend off right –with some brew among crew.

Its aftertaste was similar to that of fruity pebbles. Pro/Con

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