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Flapjack, order up!

UPDATE (March 31st, 2012): Just learned that FLAPJACK is officially accepted into FESTIVAL de CANNES! Congratulations to all cast and crew!

Day 1 of 2:

Blessed. I just wrapped two consecutive days on the set of “YES, WE’RE OPEN” and I went immediately into the diner set of “FLAPJACK“, playing the supporting character named ‘BUDDY’. A guy can get used to this –constant work in the craft. This was the first time I’ve worked on project while another project was still shooting.

Our set location: An old diner tucked away in San Jose...

A closer inspection of Buddy's wardrobe...

It was going to be another two day shoot so in typical fashion, we were required to be there before the roosters crowed –okay, not really, but it was still bright and early.

I took a page from new friend (and actor), Lynn, and worked my way through the craft service table and snagged some snacks. Healthy ones!

An apple a day...

You can't go wrong with sandwiches...

The first order of business was to head straight to the make-up chair. And I gotta say, the make-up artists I met on this set were so amazingly warm and genuine, I had to swap contacts. I say artists because there’s actually two of them, a married couple! Meet George and Valerie of SCHMINKYFX. I HIGHLY recommend them.



George even made some break away props that I thought were really neat! On top of that, he insured the other props were in order, helped when there needed something to be moved, and they brought about a sense of unity (I felt anyway), that I appreciated.

Hah, more edible props...luckily I didn't have to eat any of those...

Production on set was pretty solid. I kept to myself for the most part. There were, however, plenty of opportunities to get to know the cast (I’d only been in one rehearsal prior to shooting).

JT and Tasi as Al and Buddy, respectively...

With writer and director, Val Blakely and the movie's co-star, Sarah Klaren as Lilith, the main character's love interest.

In many cases, there’s a lot of waiting around when you’re working on a movie and this one was no exception. In fact, I had a particularly lengthy amount of downtime. Luckily, I always come prepared; I bring my imagination and a good book.

I think we broke for lunch before I could shoot any of my scenes so who am I to argue against eating? The production brought some pretty hefty stuff. I was almost afraid to have any in fear of a food coma setting in…

I had a little bit of everything which resulted in a big one thing...

They were back to shooting soon after. Props to Sarah (Klaren) for sporting that outfit ALL day…what a trooper.

Sarah Klaren as Lilith..

They banged out the other scenes just after nightfall, including the one I was in…

My dirty strainer of a prop...yuck..truth be told, it was pretty groddy.

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