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Date night at the Roxie…

Part 1 of 2:

Okay, switching hats—out of “FLAPJACK” and back into “YES, WE’RE OPEN” –it’s been one heckuva week, and I’ve been relishing every minute of it!

My final day on the set called for an all too familiar set location, THE ROXIE. I’ve had a long standing history with this quaint art house theater. One of my earliest film projects in the Bay was screened at the Roxie. A handful of previous projects have graced that screen—and now, to actually be using it as a set. Hah, more full circles.

It's day time, keep that in'll find out later. (photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

For anyone not familiar with scenes when actors are in a theater, they’re usually just faking it. The watching of the movie, that is. It’s all movie magic. Lights are bounced properly and when played, in conjunction with sound effects, it gives the illusion that the characters are actually in a movie theater.

A glimpse of what goes on...

I LOVE Lynn's expression--haha! (Photo courtesy of Lynn Chen)

The popcorn eating, on the other hand, was all real. I think I had half of that bag of popcorn before we finally nailed that scene. I’m a committed eater, what can I say?

We broke for an extended lunch and to my amusement Parry sidles up to me and mentions Bi-Rite Creamery and the cravings he was having. I don’t blame him, that creamery is amazing! I had the Ricanelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodles). Unfortunately, due to my photoklutzing, I don’t have a single photo of the delightful treats we had. Womp womp.

My stomach must’ve been working in reverse because right after Parry treated me to some Bi-Rite, I managed to find myself at a tacqueria that not only made california burritos, they advertised it!

I couldn't resist!

During the extended lunch, Parry and Lynn had to rush off and shoot another scene that takes place in a cab, on the go. Here’s a photo from Lynn’s blog

Photo courtesy of Lynn Chen

In the mean time, I took the opportunity to wander the streets. During which I stumbled on this…

Well Mr. Pavement Face, I feel the exact same way!

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