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Coffee shop catch up, an essay

I find myself here, in the middle of busy and relaxation. In a coffee shop, Philz Coffee to be exact. It’s about nine am and the traffic of students is that of a purposeful stampede of young (and not-so-young peppered in) adults, some with vicious aim at what they want in life, and most –wound-up masses of walking uncertainty. But, there’s a comfort in knowing that there’s a current of hustle that’s undeniable. What is hustle?

Verb: Force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction: “they hustled him into the back of a car”. Noun: Busy movement and activity. (Source)

Like many many words that have found its way into a younger and, dare I say, mainstream audience, HUSTLE is as much a kinetic thought as it is a flow of action. If I had not had the laid back (albeit, slightly lazy) early 20’s as a stark contrast to my current life, I may never have properly assessed hustling as a distinct motivation, or, state of being.

The effects of a hustling individual is magnetic! On the alpha level, a hustler is a versatile creature, an eager and hungry beast of a thing. S/he, in whatever field they are in, will consume with zealous affair the tasks that litter their path. The old adage applies, “Problems are only opportunities dressed in work clothes.” (Source: Henry J. Kaiser) The consumate hustler will often quip that there aren’t enough hours in the day, and one could argue that with proper time management there’s plenty of time in the day. Yeah, keeping telling yourselves that.

Time and Logic are Creativity’s school yard bullies.

Another universal (as I’ve witnessed among my hustling friends) truth: If you aren’t in a project collaborating with someone, you’re busy developing projects for yourself and others; You only get as much as you give. You may be asking yourself, “why is Tasi writing about this?”. It’s simple really, two reasons: 1. This is my love letter, so to speak, to those who are following their gut and paying heed to their curiosity and making a motion of it. When the only reason to fully stop the forward motion is to take an appreciative peek at the path they’ve blazed. and 2. Self-affirmation.

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