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In the short time that I’ve been around, no sensation has been more euphoric than that of following my heart. A feeling that every step in any direction matters, so long as it’s guided by the subtle precision of curiosity. In the short time that I’ve been around, no inspiration has come close to the electricity as that of making someone laugh. -And with every act of reciprocity, a re-energizing of my soul.

This has been one of the most difficult entries for me to write. Not because there are sensitive topics. Not because I don’t have the words to express the feelings that are coursing through my body. And certainly not because I’m too shy. It’s because, as I reflect back on my life, I see the faces of friends flash before me -and more importantly, the acts of kindness they have shown me. It is difficult because of its overwhelming nature. There’s no way I can encapsulate all of these emotions in one post!

I dedicate this post to all of you who have been an important part of my life. I am grateful for each and every single one of you. You humble me with all the experiences I get to share with you all. For the tears. The laughter. And sharing the World that you live in. Thank you.

Turning 29.

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