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To the Island! To the Tiki! To the Film Festival!

The sound of Tiki conjures up images of wild mangled wooden faces tied with Polynesian voodoo then coupled with the flair of western rock and roll music, boiled in a cauldron of rum. Hah..okay, maybe that’s too much—but a lot of it was true! When we arrived at the Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge for the Long Day Short Film Festival, the familiar sounds of surf musical and bar-banter tickled me directly in my happy place.

How cool is this place, eh?

A special thanks goes out to Mark Farrell and Colin Blake for putting on such a terrific evening of drinks, snacks, people…and most importantly, a slew of terrific short films to watch!

Our hosts, Mark Farrell and Colin Blake...

At first I wondered how they were going to screen films in such a teeny place–but hah, surprise (but not so surprised), they locked down some space outside and it was perfect. The atmosphere was that of relaxation, fun, but attention to the importance of the short films and celebration of the filmmaker’s efforts.


And it starts!

Among my favorite of the films would have to be “The Milkman” –it as just the perfect amont of ridiculous, while selling itself (initially) as a seriously filmed affair. DUG IT. The gist of the story is, a milkman stumbles on a woman harassed by two hooligans. He proceeds to use the last two full milk bottles as a weapon and smashes it on the assailants noggins. That’s one way to get calcium, I guess. It was a pure joy to watch!

As I mentioned, “THIEF IN THE NIGHT” and “UNSPOKEN” had an opportunity to screen and it was delightful to watch it with an audience—and the reception, to both of them, I felt, was super positive!

The evening's programming.

It was wonderful seeing familiar faces again!

The Mardens™ w/ friend and supporter, Anikah! L-R: Andrew Rose, Anikah McMillen, Tasi Alabastro, Leejay Abucayan, Richard Gali, Jeremy Passion

And new faces who I had the pleasure of meeting after fest wrapped.

They sold 100+ tickets! Wowza..


We capped off the night off with more drinks and socializing. In the end I was pleased to see both THIEF and UNSPOKEN carrying on past the 48 Hour Film Project.


Also, the complimentary t-shirts for the directors was a neat gift. 🙂

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