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The Invisible Man Cometh…

Or not.

The week I auditioned for RAYMOND, I learned that I booked a teeny part on a short by Shoom Zone Productions . It was being put together in attempts to reunite the cast of The Invisible Man, but instead, cast them in a whole new sci-fi show; The idea sprang from the imagination of producer, Amanda Rogers.

I showed up on ‘set’ and discovered, to my surprise, a cyclorama! I’ve always wanted to work in one of those.

The Cyclorama. I'll have to remember this place.

There was a pretty nice spread of food at craft service too –blast it for not having a camera capable of shooting (well) under low light conditions. For now you’ll have to suffer iPhone quality photos. I ran into this on the way to relive myself from all the liquids I had been consuming…

You call it a poster. I call it a direction.

It seems pretty natural to see cameras on set, and I have this talent of finding them just as they click for a photo. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…




Okay okay, maybe I was just being too silly.

All in all a fun project that offered lots of the neat things I’m starting to appreciate having on set. Food, bathrooms, interesting conversations, and make-up artist(s)!


She did wonders for him!

"I love my sho" Fasho!

Another interesting project. And pretty far from where I would normally be (it was out in Pleasanton). Because of it’s tight deadline, they were able to complete the video before I was even done finishing this blog entry! So, if this isn’t instant gratification manifested in a blog post, I don’t know what is. Below is the contest cut video from the project.

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