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Taking a shift at the diner…

UPDATE (March 31st, 2012): Just learned that FLAPJACK is officially accepted into FESTIVAL de CANNES! Congratulations to all cast and crew!

Day 2 of 2 on the set of “FLAPJACK“.

Awww yeah! Okay, I might be the only one who finds this ironic but, I don’t think a single person had a pancakes during the shoot! It’s funny ironic, hehe. Day 2 was on the way and I looked for goodies while everyone was getting their make-up done.

Snacked on this all day...

Erik and Sarah were usually all set to go. Their character’s interactions are a total throwback to movies like Back to the Future and stuff, haha, it’s quite amusing. Come on, with a name like LAZER…yeah…good stuff.

Erik Batoog and Sarah Klaren as Lazer (HAHA) and Lilith...

For those that are curious about what this short is about, here’s a synopsis:

“While flipping pancakes at a diner, a desperate anime fan nerd, Jack, meets a girl, Lilith, of his fantasy that resembles his favorite anime character, prompting him to make an appearance change to get her attention.  The courtship plan crumbles after he must face her bullying boyfriend, Lazer, forcing Jack to make a decision between returning to who he was or to turn over a new leaf.”

Not bad, eh? In light of the anime topic, here’s a neat graphic art that was made specifically for the short.

Red Angel - the anime character created specifically for FLAPJACK

And here it is again, can you spot it?

Red Angel is Copyrighted 2010-2011 by Nobuko Kimura and Val Blakely

So now you know why Sarah is in that particular outfit of hers…speaking of outfits and characters, check out the lead, Grant. How’s that for casting, eh? Haha!

Is it me, or does Jack, played by Grant Henderson, resemble Napoleon Dynamite? Just sayin'...

OH! So, this bit of information TICKLED me…while George was working on my make-up, he was in amazement when he discovered my particular skin tone.

I AM DESERT SAND! Thanks George!

I had a lot more idle time today than I did yesterday, but it was fun watching everyone work. Oh, and did I mention lunch today was provided by SPECIALTY’S CAFE & BAKERY!

Nomz! I had a tuna sandwich--it was scrumptious and fresh.

The next few scenes after lunch were a little more physical and stunty (yes, I just said stunty). They brought in stunt coordinator, Darren Andrew Holmquist, who I felt did a good job relaying the importance of safety during these stunts.

Darren demonstrating the proper way to sell a fall...

It was rounding the 8pm hour when we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Buddy finally gets some action! Okay, it wasn’t much and this was the only image I was able to capture to celebrate the moment.

Pretending to be making

Just as I was wrapping up making fake food, REAL food showed up. Dinner time in the diner!

Pasta and vegetables!

Honestly, I wish I knew where they got the goods from because they were quite tasty and in my rabid feasting, I forgot to ask.

The chicken went FAST...

I don't care what you say, when vegetables are grilled and seasoned like this...heaven...

I helped myself to some of those grilled veggies before finally snagging a plate of plain old (and rightfully unbeatable) spaghetti w/ meatballs and garlic bread.

I think I ate more than I acted this weekend. Not necessarily a bad thing. Haha..

All in all, a lovely experience. I’ll keep you all updated when “FLAPJACK” is ready to premiere. Until then…nomz away!Follow @tasialabastro

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