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Swimming in Pool and Broth.

I can’t help but notice that my blog posts are usually about two things, mostly: Food and Acting. By today’s web-reader standards, I’m hardly a foodie. Just a fat kid who loves the simple pleasures of palette pleasing and passion seeking.

I spent this past weekend in Sacramento, with The Mardens™ –at the State Fair! I carpooled with Rich and Janely and arrived late Friday night. Widdled the night away with a game of Monopoly Deal and casual chatter.

A winning hand...

Don’t let this photo fool you, we actually had an early start Saturday morning with a brisk bike ride while the others had a jog.

I can't complain, this was REALLY comfy... / The quintessential Tasi Alabastro?

When we finally got going, we skittered over to Leejay’s sister’s apartment for a much anticipated pool affair…we take our swimming very seriously!

Bromantic liaisons... (photo courtesy of Andrew Rose --who didn't swim)

It was VERY summer that Saturday, haha. Hunger and food cravings follow an afternoon of swimming as naturally as day and night. We wrapped our buoyant Saturday afternoon pool excursion with an amazing bowl of ramen.

Oh no, not your typical college block of salty sustenance. No Sire Bob, we had the good stuff. From SHOKI!

I had the TAN TAN MEN, with an order of egg, which came perfectly 3/4 boiled. Meaning, the yolk was just about solid, but still had that amazingly indulgent texture and flavor. The broth was slurp-to-the-last-drop worthy.

I'd go again!

Topped the night off back at the Abucayan residence, polishing off a bottle of wine. I passed on the wine though–opted for a carbonated drink instead. Next time!

The Mardens™ L-R: Andrew Rose, Leejay Abucayan, Richard Gali, Tasi Alabastro

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