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SFIAAFF30: SF Int’l Asian American Film Festival

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that two projects I participated in last year will be premiering in the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival! You can imagine the glee that washed over me when I was relayed the news and am even more pleased that I can share it with you. Here are some general information regarding tickets and show times for both films; YES, WE’RE OPEN (feature). RAYMOND (short), locally shot, globally thought.

Here are their trailers, respectively:

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Pictured: Parry Shen and Lynn Chen

(WORLD PREMIERE) What’s a young, modern, and open-minded San Francisco couple to do when their relationship begins tostagnate? In the rollicking new comedy Yes, We’re Open, director Richard Wong and writer H.P. Mendoza of Colma: The Musical fame team up to explore sexual mores and competing carnal desires amidst theseemingly civilized landscapes of open-air farmers markets, independent bookstores, and the latest foodie trends.

Family dinner scene, Raymond

Raymond comes home to his family and ex-boyfriend in the Bay Area and must fact the difficult task of coming to terms with illness. With a gracious performance by lead actor Francis Lansang, Raymond presents redemption in the face of adversity.

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