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Just like that

Subtext: “You can’t do that, you don’t know how…”

And just like that, I’m spurned into action. It felt like a throw down, a challenge that needed to be met. It felt like an invitation to compete, and I couldn’t turn it down.

I’m talking about why I’ve embarked on directing a short film I wrote, JUST LIKE THAT, and why I’ve put it on the fast track. It all makes perfect sense to me now, most of the short films that I’ve helped produce have always been for competition sake (the 48 Hour Film Festival, for example). I write and write short pieces that never get made, but why?

Maybe, because I felt like they were therapy and that whatever underlying message, and faint hint of entertainment they’d have didn’t need to see the light of day. Or maybe, it’s because I was intimidated at tackling rewrites Or it could be that I quickly lost interest in it and moved to other things, like, ping pong.

In truth, it’s a bit of each one. But I digress.

Within a week  of having felt the “challenge” from a peer, I’ve gone through two rewrites of an old short script and even managed some location scouting.

I toiled with it’s one simple reason for existing. Until, after some self-exploration and textual filtering, I nailed it. What came out of that was a thread of what my experiences have been with various women in my life. Most of which, I feel are Universal. I was able to distill it into one sentence:

When a shy and spacey florist is courted by her crush, she risks her belief about love, only to find out that reality doesn’t always meet expectations.

I’d also like to note that, coincidentally, my creative partner, Richard, turned to me one night, “I want to shoot something of yours…” –well, I considered myself double-spurned to get this rolling.

That was two weeks ago today. And to get you caught up, I’ve filled most of the valuable positions in terms of crew, and am hosting two auditions in May. A location for the short is currently being courted, and the script is in its third draft.

Still, there are plenty of things to consider in regards to my angst.

One: This isn’t the 48 Hour Film Festival, so, the time constraints are different -although I’ve estimated to be a two day shoot.

Two: Working with old industry friends who I’ve never actually worked with wearing a Director/Producer hat should provide an interesting story in of itself.

Three: I enjoy a bit of formality (just a teeny) when it comes to shooting my own pieces because I’d like to create that working atmosphere of mystical nature. That same feeling I get, as an actor, when I step on set and I see everyone dedicated to their tasks and skill set – I love that.

With that said, I don’t want to half-ass any of this. Some of my peers might laugh at how much attention I’m putting to the details of the movie, creative and logistical. But hey, I always feel that, the difference is in the details. Here’s to a learning experience, and a memorable time for everyone involved –including you, dear reader. That’s why I blog.

I’ll keep you posted, just like that.

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