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Burgers and Play

I’ve been granted some extra days off this week and decided to fill last night with a bit of town-ly adventure and theatre. I found myself happily filled with both! On the food frontier, I stumbled on Palo Alto Creamery which served one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had! Their prices were a bit steep (for a diner) but, it’s Palo Alto, expect a bit of inflation, right? I couldn’t complain though, the night was right –and I love diner atmosphere!

Lots of this...

..and this!

I’ll definitely have to go again, probably just for the milkshake(s).

I headed straight to the theatre after dinner. A special thanks to Kimberly for finding a way to squeeze me in a sold out performance. The play I caught was called SISTER CITIES, written by Colette Freedman. Boy does she have a voice in her work–wow!

It was my first time seeing a show at Dragon Productions Theatre Company --I was not disappointed!

They take their dragons seriously.

What can I say about this play that hasn’t already been said masterfully by other bloggers? Not much, actually. In light of that, I’m going to post links from other bloggers who have had a chance to see the show. I will, however, post some of the tweets I sent out during intermission and post show.

Here’s what I had to tweet about it:

It was a fantastic show that didn’t rely on any fancy staging. Its heart, tone, and honesty carried it all the way through and beyond. She must’ve liked what I said, she even retweeted me.

The cast of Dragon Production Theatre Company's SISTER CITIES, by Colette Freedman (photo courtesy of @dragontheatre

I’m definitely going to check out her upcoming novel, THE THIRTEEN HALLOWS, co-written by Michael Scott.Follow @tasialabastro

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